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 Vol 8 No 3 September 2017

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49 Development of an Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry (IDMS)-Based Method for the Analysis of Ibuprofen
  Ibuprofen, ID, LC/MS, Method Validation, Pharmaceuticals
  Joonhee Lee, Byungjoo Kim  
53 Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Method for Accelerated Glycated Hemoglobin Quantification from Amino Acids to Proteins  
  glycated hemoglobin, microwave, assisted methodology, isotope, dilution mass spectrometry, acid hydrolysis, enzyme digestion, diabetes mellitus
  Thi Thanh Huong Tran, Ji-Seon Jeong
59 Investigation on the Stability of Uric Acid and its Isotope (1,3- 15 N 2 ) in Ammonium Hydroxide for the Absolute Quantification of Uric Acid in Human Serum
  uric acid, isotope dilution mass spectrometry, certificated reference material (CRM)
  Sun Young Lee, Kwonseong Kim, Han Bin Oh, Jongki Hong, Dukjin Kang
65 Inspection of the Fragmentation Pathway for Thiamethoxam
  neonicotinoid insecticide, thiamethoxam, thiamethoxam-d 3, thiamethoxam-d 4, fragmentation pathway, isotope dilution mass spectrometry
  Sunwoong Son, Byungjoo Kim, Soenghee Ahn