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 Vol 9 No 1 March 2018
 Editor's Page
When the former KSMS president Myeong Hee Moon and the current president Yong-Hyeon Yim offered me the chief editor position of Mass Spectrometry Letters last year, I asked myself whether I had an energy and capability to pull up the Mass Spectrometry Letters on the higher level. Soon I realized that I was totally wrong. On the reflection of the short history of Mass Spectrometry Letters, it has always been the desire and necessity of the KSMS members and many international scientists in the mass spectrometry field to have a short mass spectrometry-oriented letter format journal that have driven the Mass Spectrometry Letters forward. Then it became very clear to me that the only thing I can and should do is to steer the Mass Spectrometry Letters into the right track and to serve the desire and necessity of the people who have put our Mass Spectrometry Letters at the current stage. While we, the editorial associate editor team members and I, are preparing for this March issue of 2018 together, I further came to believe that my thought was correct. As we continue to serve the desire of many mass spectrometry-loving scientists in Korea, Asian countries and other countries, our journal Mass Spectrometry Letters will continuously grow up, eventually be enlisted in the long-dreaming SCI index

As expected, this March issue was successfully published with the efforts and toils of many associate editors. In particular, Prof. Yong Seok Choi, a manuscript handling editor, exerted his miraculous energy to finely finish and tune this issue into this beautiful piece. I would like to thank him and other editorial associate editors for their on-going sacrifice and passion for our Mass Spectrometry Letters.

A steady step and one-team spirit will continue in this year!

1 Recent Progress on Microfluidic Electrophoresis Device Application in Mass Spectrometry
  Microfluidic devices, Lap on a chip, Matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization, Electrospray ionization, Mass spectrometry
  Kun Cho, Swapan Kumar Roy, Seongnyeon Kim, Jung H. Yoon, Yong-Kyu Yoon 
Invited Article
17 Structural Analysis of [Cu(II)-amyloidogenic peptide] Complexes
  amyloidogenic peptides, Cu(II) ions, oligomer, ESI MS, CID MS/MS
  Ho-Tae Kim, Eugene Cha, Jae-Hong Seo
24 DC23, a Triazolothione Resorcinol Analogue, Is Extensively Metabolized to Glucuronide Conjugates in Human Liver Microsomes
  DC23, microsomes, oxidation, glucuronidation, drug interaction
  Kwang-Hyeon Liu, Jong Cheol Shon, Jeongmin Joo, Taeho Lee, Nam Doo Kim
30 Direct Quantitation of Amino Acids in Human Serum Using a Stepwise-Dilution Strategy and a Mixed-Mode Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method
  Amino acid, mixed mode chromatography, quantitation, serum, LC ESI/MS/MS
  Eunju Cha, Jaeick Lee, Seunghwa Lee, Byungjoo Kim, Joonhee Lee, Oh-Seung Kwon
37 Observations on Fragmentation Pathway of Farinomalein and its Isomers by Structural Investigation Using LC-MS/MS
  Maleimide, Stobbe condensation, Haval Argade contrathermodynamic rearrangemen, Isofarinomalein
  Narayan P. Firke, Anil G. Markandeya, Rajendra S. Konde Deshmukh, Shirish S. Pingale