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 Vol 6 No 1 March 2015
 Editors Page
The annual Asia Oceania Mass Spectrometry Conference (AOMSC) has offered an open channel to exchange scientific advances and new findings among participants from Asia and Oceania region since 2010 (Tsukuba), and AOMSC has been successfully expanding through the meetings in Busan (2011), Kyoto (2012), Taiwan (2013), and Beijing (2014). Mass Spectrometry is now a vital analytical method to unveil the unknown scientific findings used across a broad range of area including academic research, biotechnological development, pharmaceutical and clinical tests, and environmental assessments. Considering the increasing role of Asian and Oceanian countries on world economy, MS sciences in this region will contribute more to the future science and technologies.

This special issue of Mass Spectrometry Letters was aimed to invite the leaders in mass spectrometry who participated in the 5th AOMSC held in Beijing, July, 2014 in order to highlight and introduce their presentations together with the recent advancements in research. Published articles include five contributions from China, Japan, and Korea, on DART-MS, imaging MS, complex-assisted ESI methods for unstable compounds, and the MS-based determination of a metal binding/ dissociation constant for a peptide.

I would like to thank all authors, reviewers, and the team from KSMS for their enthusiastic support for this special issue of Mass Spectrometry Letters to memorize the 5th AOMSC.

Myeong Hee Moon
Dept. of Chemistry
Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea

1 Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry: a Powerful Tool for Fast Analysis 
  DART-MS, fast analysis, coupling techniques
  Huwei Liu, Xianjiang Li, Xin Wang, Linnan Li, Yu Bai  
Invited Article
7 Mass Spectrometric Determination of Zn2+ Binding/Dissociation Constant for Zinc Finger Peptides
  zinc finger, binding constant, electrospray-mass spectrometry, zinc ion
  Han Bin Oh, Choong Sik Lee, Soojin Park, Jae Young Lee, Sungsu Park, Kyubong Jo
13 The Stabilizing Role of Cyclodextrins on Keggin Phosphotungstic Acid by Complexation Unveiled by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
  POM/CD non-covalent complexes, Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, Stability
  WenJie Wu, Jie Cao, QiaoDi Jia, Yan Zhang, YanXuan Fan
17 Amino-β-cyclodextrin Complex Assisted Ionization for Labile Sesamins and their Ion-mobility Separation in ESI Q-TOF MS
  cyclodextrin, host-guest interaction, ionization assist
  Tohru Yamagaki, Manabu Horikawa, Kohtaro Sugahara
21 Characterizations of Two-step Application Procedures for Imaging Mass Spectrometry
  imaging mass spectrometry, mass microscope, matrix application, tumor, anti-cancer agents, sample preparations
  Shuichi Shimma