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 Vol 6 No 2 June 2015
 Editors Page
Dear colleagues,

It has been my pleasure to witness the growth of this young journal “Mass Spectrometry Letters”, since its first volume published in December, 2010. During the last five years, Mass Spectrometry Letters became an important place where we mass spectrometry people communicate each other, making significant contribution to the mass spectrometry society worldwide. As a member of editorial board, I deeply appreciate all the contributions that made today’s Mass Spectrometry Letters together.
In this issue, Mass Spectrometry Letters provides two invited articles accounting for the sample preparation for MALDI mass spectrometry and the enrichment strategies for phosphoproteome. Along with the informative reviews, this issue also publishes original research letters touching the important subjects such as ionization, identification, and evaluation, which you might not want to miss.
As announced by Korean Society for Mass Spectrometry (KSMS), 2015 KSMS summer conference will be held at BEXCO, Pusan, Korea from August 19th to 21st. Its symposiums will cover most of mass spectrometry areas including MS fundamentals & instrumentations, elements & materials, food & environments, pharmaceutics, bio-medical & bioscience, and so on. I look forward to seeing you all there, a beautiful place to enjoy summer time, with full scientific enthusiasm.
See you at 2015 KSMS Summer Conference!

Sang Yun Han, Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Associate Professor
Dept. of Chemistry
Department of Nanochemistry
Gachon University

27 Sample Preparation for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry  
  MALDI-MS, 2,5-dihydrobenzoic acid, α-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid, sinapic acid, additives
  Jeongkwon Kim  
31 Enrichment Strategies for Identification and Characterization of Phosphoproteome
  phosphoproteomics, fractionation, enrichment, nLC, ESI, MS/MS
  Sunyoung Lee, Dukjin Kang, Jongki Hong
38 Identification of Degradation Products in the Phosphodiesterase (PDE-4) Inhibitor Roflumilast Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Density Functional Theory Calculations
  Roflumilast, Mass Spectrometry, Degradation products, DFT
  SAROJ KUMAR PAUL, Bhupendra Singh Adhikari
43 Soft Ionization of Metallo-Mefenamic Using Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
  Mefenamic Acid, Metallodrug, ESI-MS, Fluorescence spectroscopy
  Hani Abdelhamid, Hui-Fen Wu
48 Evaluation of Metabolic Stability of Kinsenoside, an Antidiabetic Candidate, in Rat and Human Liver Microsomes
  kinsenoside, stability, liver microsomes
  Shaheed Ur Rehman, In Sook Kim, Min Sun Choi, Zengwei Luo, Guangming Yao, Yongbo Xue
Addenda And Errata
52 Investigation on Lipopolysaccharide Activated Microglia by Phosphoproteomics and Phosphoinositide Lipidomics
  Young Jun Kim, Md. Ahsan-Ul-Bari, Hackyoung Kim, Kwangmo Noh