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 Vol 9 No 2 June 2018

41 Simultaneous Quantification of 13 Ginsenosides by LC-MS/MS and its Application in Diverse Ginseng Extracts
  LC MS MS, ginsenoside, fresh ginseng, white ginseng, red ginseng
  Jung Jae Jo, Pil Joung Cho, Sangkyu Lee
46 Effects of Temperature and Acetonitrile on Microwave-Assisted Weak Acid Protein Hydrolysis
  Microwave, MALDI, Acid hydrolysis, Acetonitrile, Temperature
  Mihyeon Nam, Dabin Lee, Yeoseon Kim, Jeongkwon Kim
51 Loss of Potential Biomarker Proteins Associated with Abundant Proteins during Abundant Protein Removal in Sample Pretreatment
  Serial affinity column set (SACS), Lectin, Depletion, Abundant protein removal, Protein-protein interactions (PPIs), Biomarker
  Jihoon Shin, Jinwook Lee, Wonryeon Cho
56 Free Radical Initiated Peptide Sequencing Using MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry
  FRIPS, MALDI TOF TOF, mass spectrometry, peptides, radical ion, radical driven fragmentation
  Insu Song, Jae-ung Lee, Jaehyeon Baek, Sangwon Cha, Sang Yun Han, Han Bin Oh
61 Characterization of Preclinical in Vitro and in Vivo Pharmacokinetic Properties of KPLA-012, a Benzopyranyl 1,2,3-Triazole Compound, with Anti-Angiogenetic and Anti-Tumor Progressive Effects
  KPLA 012, benzopyranyl 1 2 3 triazole compound, pharmacokinetics, metabolic instability
  So Jeong Nam, Taeho Lee, Min-Koo Choi, Im-Sook Song