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 Vol 7 No 3 September 2016

Invited Article
55 LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Analysis of Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides and Secretagogues in Human Urine  
  Doping control analysis, Growth hormone, GHRP, GHS, Method validation
  Hophil Min,? Boyoung Han, Changmin Sung, Ju-Hyung Park, Kang Mi Lee, Ho Jun Kim, Ki Hun Kim, Junghyun Son, Oh-Seung Kwon, Jaeick Lee  
64 Complete Simultaneous Analysis of Uranium Isotopes in NUSIMEP-7 Microparticles Using SEM-TIMS
  Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Uranium, SEM-TIMS, Particle analysis, Simultaneous measurement
  Jong-Ho Park, Kahee Jeong
69 Identification of ML106 Phase 1 Metabolites in Human Liver Microsomes Using High-Resolution Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
  ML106, high-resolution quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry, cytochrome P450, phase 1 metabolism
  Sangkyu Lee, Jun Hyeon Jo, WoongShik Nam, Sunjoo Kim, Doohyun Lee, Kyung Hoon Min, Taeho Lee, Sangkyu Lee
74 Differentiation of Glycan Diversity with Serial Affinity Column Set (SACS)
  Targeted glycoproteomics, Serial Affinity Chromatography (SAC), Serial Affinity Column Set (SACS), lectins, glycan-targeting antibody, glycan diversity, disease associated glycoprotein
  Jihoon Shin, Wonryeon Cho
79 Preparation and Characterization of Quercetin-Loaded Solid Dispersion by Solvent Evaporation and Freeze-Drying Method
  quercetin, HPMC, solid dispersion, olubility, dissolution
  Sang Hyun Park, Im-Sook Song, Min-Koo Choi